Friday, August 8, 2014

Durban Vacation, Day #3

Let me start with last night’s supper - traditional Durban “bunny chow.” Um, not impressed. It was a big chunk of white bread with a hollowed out center, and chicken curry was placed in the middle. I love curry, but not in soggy white bread. BUT I love new experiences and new food, so I’m glad we tried it!

Today was another great day in Durban! The kids came into our part of the hotel room at 5:30am - “We’re awake! Can we turn the tv on?!” :) We got up and headed for the hotel free breakfast - WOW. There was eggs, bacon, sausage, potato bake, beans, mince, all sorts of yummy breads for toast, danishes, pastries, fresh fruit, cereal, etc. The kids’ eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger!

Today was the day we had to take care of some “business” in Durban - my MRI for my shoulder. Long story short, I fell on my shoulder in December, and then dislocated it in February, and it’s been giving me a lot of pain. So we hopped on a taxi to Westville Hospital and met with the doctor, who confirmed instability in the shoulder and possible torn labrum. I got an MRI scheduled for the same day at 1:30pm, and unbelievably, a huge shopping mall was right next door to the hospital, so we headed there for the rest of the morning until my MRI!

The Pavilion Mall

The kids bought me a rose while I was in my appointment - so sweet!

First stop was Toys R’ Us - fun! We got gifts for the Kimbrough cousins for Christmas, for the New Day kids just for fun, and a treat for each of our kids.

Cason REALLY wanted a Power Rangers, and when we said no, he needed a moment to himself. I think the whole store overwhelmed him. :)

We did some clothes shopping (things are SO cheap here!) and then headed to an arcade! All 4 of my "kids" had a great time! :)

And was time for McDonald's!

It was then time to head back for my MRI. It was a 3 hour wait, and Blu & the kids looked like this...

I had an arthrogram and an MRI, and when it was all over I had a cd of my images to take to the doctor in the USA next August - yay! From there, it was time to head to Gateway Mall - the largest shopping mall in Africa, and the largest shopping mall in the entire Southern Hemisphere - it was indescribable!

We went to Build-A-Bear first. We had been wanting to do this with the kids, and even Blu was impressed by the whole process! They had so much fun! (Someone in the store asked me if I was from Canada because I had a Canadian

From there, we went to do “dodgems,” or what we in the USA call bumper cars! It was just our family, and it was probably my favorite part of the day! (And yes, I do realize I am probably the only person in the world who has an MRI and then goes and does bumper cars...not the smartest move!)

After bumper cars, we headed to the XD theater for a 4D ride. The kids had no idea what to expect but absolutely loved it. I can tell I’m getting old because the whole thing was a little jarring for me, but their laughs were worth it!

Supper time - nothing like the Hot Dog Cafe! (Blu & I got chicken wraps from Kauai!) Followed by a caramel latte...and some ice cream!

It was a fun family day, just being together, spoiling the kids some, and laughing. Looking forward to SeaWorld and Wet n’ Wild tomorrow! :)

A view of hilly Durban from one of our many taxi rides today!

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