Saturday, August 23, 2014

Recent Happenings!

Here are a few things we've been up to at New Day in the last week!

A stomach virus hit the Tidwell house.. :(

Cambree and her favorite food!

Lots of sleepovers! Cambree & Cason went to Choma to spend the night with our American missionary friends, the Smiths from Ohio!

Nurse Mandy came over for dinner & a movie!

Darbi took 4 of our full-time volunteers to Lusaka for a girls only trip before school starts! We ate...a LOT!

And got pedicures!

And drank lots of coffee!

And Malawi shandys!

And had lots of dessert!

I enjoyed 2 hours of reading magazines while the rest got pedicures!

Me & Nurse Mandy

Rhapsody's - yum!


Shaka's Grill!

Vegetarian fajitas!

Now we are back at New Day, gearing up for a week of school prep (and 3 more sleepovers!) before school starts Sept 1st!

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