Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Fun Pics!

Just a few pics to get you through your Friday! :)

This is pretty much how Cambree looks ALL. THE. TIME. That girl loves to read!!

Today is Laurie's birthday - I spent most of yesterday working on her safari cake!

Having fun at Mama Martha's wedding shower!

Kelsey made this beautiful cake!

Martha got a hot kettle, a tea set, two gorgeous curtains, and a nice monetary parting gift!

All the kids surrounding Mama Martha to give her goodbye hugs and pray for her

Pretty table - New Day's first wedding shower was fun! Mama Martha left today (her wedding is August 8th), and Elizabeth will be filling in as housemother for a few months while we take our time seeking God to find a new housemother for our girls!

VBS is over - and what fun it was!

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