Sunday, August 10, 2014

Durban Vacation, Day #5!

Today was a fantastic day in South Africa! MY CHILDREN SLEPT UNTIL 7AM. I feel like I should repeat that, so that you really understand the beauty. MY CHILDREN SLEPT UNTIL 7AM. :) Blu & I have both decided that the free breakfast at this hotel is almost the best part of the trip. There is this brown bread full of chunky stuff that is absolutely delicious! After breakfast, we spent the morning on the beach. I left the camera inside and got in the water (for a LITTLE bit...I'm totally not an ocean person!), but my favorite part was sitting on the beach building a sand castle with Cason - memories to last forever! It got overcast around 10:30am and we froze! I tried to get a picture of Caed's blue lips but it didn't really show up :)

Some elevator fun as we headed out to the Suncoast Tower for some lunch with friends!

We were at missionary training with the O'Laughlins in 2003, and they now work out of Durban! They work with Baptist Global Response - an organization with the IMB that provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid alongside sharing the Gospel.

Blu is telling them the TRUE version of the "rabbit story.." (aka Blu blowing up an outhouse in 2004). The story they had heard involved a cobra...the story has grown!

We ate at Spur which was almost HALF the price that we pay in Zambia at the same restaurant! The kids loved getting their faces painted!

It was still pretty overcast and windy, so we opted for renting some bikes and going for a family bike ride on the promenade!

Can you see the boys? And all the people? Imagine trying to get your 5 year old to not run over someone in this crowd...

This is what I look like at the beach - I'll take the sand over the cool water!

I love this guy :)

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