Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's Summertime! :)

...or wintertime...whatever you call it, whatever the weather is, we are on school break!! Our team of 20 left this morning, including Drew & Mackenzie, the last of our summer interns. We will miss them and are so grateful for the way they poured themselves into the kids here!

Our kids are already enjoying the break - Caedmon went out alone this morning with his BB gun and came back with his first kill - knocked this bird off a branch! :)

Cambree LOVES picking out what she is going to wear to church each week. This week, she picked out my Easter dress from when I was her age that my mama made!

She has also been playing 24/7 with her best friend, Laurie

Poor Cason didn't feel good this morning, so he actually let Mama Lala give him some cuddles!

And tomorrow we are heading out for our 9 day vacation! Leaving..on a jet plane...heading to Durban, South Africa! (far bottom right of the map below). We plan to enjoy the beach, McDonald's, a doctor's appt for Darbi's shoulder, shopping, Sea World, Wet n' Wild, and LOTS of good food!

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