Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Few More Pics!

The next couple of days will be focused solely on Caedmon's 11th birthday, so I thought I better post some of these pictures now!

The boys are creating their own tree house, with a little help from Paw & Blu!

Sunday night was a rough night - Cambree got stung by a wasp or scorpion and was freaking out!

Poor Cason has a nasty spider bite - please pray for healing!

Diana is enjoying time with her mom!

A grandparent selfie in church!

B-Maw is enjoying spending time with our housemothers - here is Mama Tembo!

Mama Zelly, our newest housemother from Lusaka, arrived today! She will be staying in the Luse House with Phillip, Joseph, Mweene, Prince, Stanley, and Kefbert, with room for one more!

Paw & B-Maw went to church across the river at Maxwell's church last week!

Checking out the cheese cave!

Paw & Caed

B-Maw took this great picture of Paw - now I need to get some pictures of her - the lady behind the camera!

And this is what is happening around here:

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