Friday, June 3, 2016

Caedmon's Wipeout Party!

Today was Caedmon's 11th Wipeout party!!! We had a blast setting up! We had 5 different obstacle stations that the kids (the big kids at New Day) had to compete in. There was the Zig Zag (water balloon weave), the Sucker Punch (walking on a balance beam while Kailyn & Jamee punched them off with inflatable boxing gloves), the Slippery Slope (racing across a tarp covered in floor polish and baby lotion), the Sweeper Bar (on the slippery tarp - a rope spinning around and jumping so that it doesn't hit you), and the Big Blue Balls (three exercise balls sitting on spare tires that they had to bounce across to reach the other side). The kids had a blast, and the winner was Sisi for the children's division and Jamee for the adult division. The winners got to choose who got a pie in the face - Sisi chose ME (I was shocked!), and Jamee chose Blu! Not cool!

After that, we headed inside where we feasted on homemade pizza, corn dogs, carrot sticks, butternut squash pizza bites, chips, fritters, and chocolate cake & cupcakes! The older boys are the only ones that are left, having a sleepover with Caedmon tonight! It is a party we will all remember forever (especially those who received minor injuries!) Thanks a ton to Paw & B-Maw and of course Blu for setting up, and for Kailyn & Jamee for all their help!!

Blu giving me a massage a few minutes before the chaos began!

The Wipeout cake!

Caed & his best buddies!

Teacher Carolyn

We might have started the party with an impromptu dance party... :)

Cason is so shy....

Paw teaching Cason to two-step

Papa Wes & Aunt Staci enjoying the fun!

B-Maw has been such a help around here!

Diana & Barbara

The Zig Zag game!

Not as easy as it looks!

Fun with friends!

Sweet Kailyn

Kelitah & Machila dancing

Mama Lala

Misheck having a blast!

Paw enjoying watching B-Maw go through the zig zag!

I love this man!

Aunt Staci

Ben tries the sucker punch!









Papa Wes

Misheck trying to zig zag!

Sisi zig zagging!

The Big Blue Balls were a hit! (and VERY dangerous!!)

The sweeper rope was FUN!

B-Maw giving it a try!

The winners' podium - 1st place Sisi, 2nd place Ben, 3rd place Caedmon!

And the winners chose who got the pie in the face......

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