Saturday, June 4, 2016

A few pics on Saturday!

It's nice having B-Maw here to take pics on her phone, post them to Facebook, and then steal them from her and blog! :)

Cambree & Laurie hanging in the hammocks! May/June is gorgeous weather here in Zambia - 45-50 in the morning and night, and about 80 during the day!

My cutie Cason - he spends a lot of his time alone in his treehouse! #introvert

Emma and our newest, Emmanuel

Love seeing his smile!

Francis is a great milker!

Joyce - she is the housecleaner for Mama Zelly, washes my DIRTIEST clothes on Wednesdays, and has been around since the beginning of New Day!

I'm not the most creative person, but sometimes I feel sorry for my kids in Math, especially when they have been sitting and dividing for days! Thanks to pinterest, I found this idea to do division with a deck of cards!

Paw trying to get into the milking pen...

He gave up and climbed over!

Another one of Stanley, Emma, and Emmanuel!

Verna - the house cleaner for Papa & Mama Tembo

Headed to Kids Club now - have a great Saturday!

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