Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A blog - finally!!!

I know, I know - it's been 8 days without a blog! I have some really good excuses, I promise!

Excuse #1: My parents brought me an iPhone someone donated and I've been busy learning how to use it, how to get pics back on my Mac to blog, etc. #firstworldproblems

Excuse #2: This one's a little more intense. On Saturday night, we were crossing a busy street in Livingstone at night, and Cason panicked and let go of my mom's hand and ran over to Blu, and then just took off across the street. We screamed his name and he stopped just a split second before a truck sped by. It was absolutely terrifying and hands down the worst experience I have had as a mom. It has taken me a few days to come to grips with what almost happened right before our eyes. God is teaching me a lot through this, and honestly, blogging hasn't been my priority the last few days.

So thankful for God's mercy - cannot begin to imagine life without my baby...

But alas, it's time to update you on what has happened the last few days! Here is a glimpse of everything going on!

My handsome man at Zig Zag Cafe

Caedmon's frustrated face :)

Well SOMEONE in our family knows how to use an iPhone....

Dad has been a huge help around here - working on homework with Caedmon!

And making lunches! (even cutting off the crust on the bread...my spoiled kids!)

Love my Daddy - still so surreal that I get to see him every day!!!

Just a random picture of Teacher Debbie outside her hut!

Erin Brinkley (Prosthetic eye man John Brinkley is her dad!) is here for a couple of weeks volunteering! On her first day here, she did the EvangeCube at Blu's Bible study and led a lady to Christ!!!!

Father's Day celebration in Livingstone - Blu got a Tonga-English dictionary! #nerdgift

My 2 main men :)

Dad got a frame that my sister Dawni made a long time ago that somehow found its way to Zambia (via Atlanta via our volunteer team in April!!)

And a Zambian shirt!

This is my world right here..

Our first selfie on an iPhone!

A little silliness from our 1st graders!

Greeting Mom & Dad at the airport!

And then the New Day greeting on Sunday!

Mom getting some culture at the Airtel shop getting her phone turned on! #nolines

Mama Dee & Cambree chopping onions for lunch!

Mom & Dad's first American Fellowship - Italian themed!

My pretty Mama :)

Getting some more culture....using the bush bathrooms ;)

Eating at the Ocean Basket in Livingstone

Erin playing parachute games during P.E. time!

LOOK John!! An authentic smile from Mweene!!!!!

A few games of 42!

Afternoon reading classes at New Day!

My heart right here :)

In my opinion, this is our busiest week of the year at New Day! We have a volunteer team arriving Wednesday, village VBS on Thursday, Chief Mapanza's Inauguration on Friday, Staff Pics + June Birthday Party + Village VBS on Saturday, Church on Sunday, Village VBS on Monday, and then the team leaves on Tuesday. It's a little bit of chaos - we told Mom & Dad to put their running shoes on! :)

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