Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Last of B-Maw's Pics!

I got all of B-Maw's pics from her camera today before they head out tomorrow at 6am! She's a great photographer and did a great job of documenting their trip and a little of what life is like for us in Zambia! We will miss them!

Agness striking a pose!

Barbara came on a mission trip to Zambia to our hut back in 2005 and met Mulenga - they have a sweet friendship!

B-Maw giving Baby Staci a lift!

My sweet Caed

B-Maw and Priscilla

Cambree at our borehole (we only use it if power is out and water runs out!

Cambree's Senegalese coconut cakes!

A photo shoot with Teacher Carolyn!

B-Maw gave Cason her backpack and he was SO excited to go to school with it! (it has wheels!!)

Off he goes!

This was my mad face when supper was ready but nobody was here to eat it!

Diana & Agness

Diana, Agness, & Lulu

Sweet mother & daughter pic!

Diana, Barbara, and some of the kids

Early morning photo shoot!

The girls on a walk with Mama Liz!

Hildah & Laurie walking home in the sunset

Jamee, Stanley, & Emmanuel

Goofy kids at Kids Club!

Me & Mama Lala

Mama Liz with her hands full!

Lulu ready to cause some trouble! :)

Uncle Mulenga

Eating some nshima at Kids Club!

Paw & still my heart!

Paw & Cambree

Paw hanging out at Kids Club

Hugs :)

The kids posing by Diana's poinsettia tree

Kelitah & Justin

Sisi & Cynthia are great big sisters!

Sisiliah, our shopkeeper

Skyping with cousins!

Gorgeous sunset!

The treehouse is just about done! It's HIGH...

Papa Wes giving Caedmon & Cambree a hand into the truck!

Photo shoot with Wes & Laurie!

And that's a wrap on Paw & B-Maw's trip to New Day - May 21-June 9, 2016! THANK YOU for the chocolate, the help building roof trusses, plumbing, and building a treehouse, painting my living room, outside trim, and bathroom, making me a decorative piece for the bathroom, reading Bridge to Terabithia to the kids, giving countless hugs, washing countless more dishes, playing hours of Mexican train, and the list goes on and on... We love you.

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