Monday, June 6, 2016

New Day Kids - Then and Now

Can you believe May marked 5 years that the first kids came to New Day Orphanage??? I don't always feel like time has flown around here, but when I look at their faces, I must admit it has! Here is a glimpse of our New Day Kids - from the first day of their arrival to today. The pictures are in order of their arrival at New Day!

Sisi - age 14

Muchoni - age 11

Misheck - age 10

Ben - age 11

Kelitah - age 11

Axer - age 8

Francis - age 11

Cynthia - age 13

Phillip - age 9

Christina - age 7

Joseph - age 9

Gertrude - age 8

Mweene - age 9

I have to say something about Mweene - he is the NEATEST kid, but he does NOT like to smile! He is witty and super smart, but hates the camera. :)

Kefbert - age 7

Glory - age 9

Malilwe - age 8

I promise she is a happy child, but she was in her "supermodel pose"! :)

Prince - age 5

Lulu - age 7

Terry - age 4

Emma - age 2

Justin - age 2

Luumuno - age 5

And Luumuno did NOT appreciate being woken up from his nap to take these pictures!

Agness - age 5

Stanley - age 3

Emmanuel - age 4

Here are some great pics of some of our staff, some group shots, and some family groups that Blu's mom took!

Teacher Abby

Fun with the water hose!

Mulenga's son David

Miriam's son Emmanuel

Eness, who works in the kitchen

Some great shots of Hildah and her daughter Little Laurie

Linety, who cleans the Lukondo House (If you remember Michelle, this is Michelle's stepmother and Margaret's sister-in-law)

Mama Liz and the girls in Lukondo House

Elizabeth & Machila

Mama Loveness and the girls in Luyando House

Mama Tembo

Mulenga's wife Miriam

Uncle Mulenga

Sweet family!

Papa Tembo

Papa Tembo with Ben & Francis

The Tembos and the Luumuno House

Sweet Papa & Mama Tembo

Mama Zelly and the boys of the Luse House

Priscilla (Maxwell's wife) from across the river - another baby due in August!

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