Saturday, May 28, 2016

The most random assortment of pictures ever....

Don't say I didn't warn you! From birthday parties to family in Texas, to family in Northern Zambia, to construction....these pictures are in absolutely no order!

Teacher Abby and her kids

Laundry, laundry, and more laundry!

May birthday party - Abby getting water dumped on her!

The group water pouring in May!

My cutie pie nephew Amos who lives in Isoka, Zambia

And in 2 sweet nieces Andie & Keysi!

Teacher Diana's mom Barbara

Abby turned 38!

Carolyn is 54!

Diana is 49!

Hildah is 36!

Loveness is 53!

Lulu is 7!

Sisi is 14!

And Wes is 58!

Blu during PreK and Kindergarten Music class!

And working on roof trusses..

Cambree & her Baby Justin

Crispin, the builder of Palace #2 - the king of plaster!

My sister Dawni in Isoka with her boys, Isaac & Amos

And with her girls, Isabel & Abigail!

Teacher Diana & Agness

Diana & Carolyn ready for water!

Lots of water pouring!

Georgina is looking better!

And back to Grandma Marie is staying with my parents for a few more days before they say their goodbyes! (she lives in Oregon)

Always fun to pour water on Hildah!

My nephew Isaac in Isoka

Kids Club - Loveness & Barbara washing dishes

Teacher Debbie & Stanley

Some of the girls hanging out

Glory & Justin

Paw & Blu

Paw, B-Maw, and Emmanuel

Water pouring on Loveness


Michael, an older man who lives near us who is always kind!

AAHHH! Tomorrow is Mom & Dad's last Sunday at Ocker and their retirement celebration!

Trusses at the Palace #2

Working hard!

Water pouring on fast Sisi!

Aunt Staci comforting Justin

Love this pic of Mama Lala & Papa Wes!

Wes, Paw, & Diana

Water on Papa Wes!

And Cambree's Moroccan Lemon Cake!

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