Monday, May 16, 2016

Around Here

Lots has been going on around here lately! Here is a glimpse!

Cambree got her hair done so she can look just like her friends - it took a full Saturday for Mama Liz to do it, and it'll probably last about 2 weeks!

She is also doing a Spelling book that takes her to a different country each week. Last week was South Africa, so she googled recipes and made us "Piesang Brood" - South African banana bread! It was VERY dense - doubt we'll eat that again! :)

We also got a new orphan last week!! Emmanuel, who is almost 5 years old, joined our family last Thursday. His father died in April, and he was living with his mother. Though Emmanuel is not a double orphan (both parents passed away), he was in a very tough situation and was/is extremely malnourished. He is the size of our recently turned 3 year old Stanley! We are excited for him to be here - please pray for him as he adjusts!

Emmanuel is living in the Luse House with Teacher Abby.

His first meal - apparently, the boy can EAT!

Love from Papa Wes!

My parents have been busy as well - they had a family going away party this past weekend in Austin! (They arrive ONE MONTH from today!)

The cake

Dad & his brother, Uncle Charlie

Dad, Charlie, and Cousin Frank

My Dad's cousin Deanna, my cousin Kathryn, and Dad's cousin Jennifer

Pretty flowers!

My Dad's 3 aunts - Aunt Margie, Aunt Jennifer, & Aunt Carol

My dad's Uncle John & my Uncle Charlie playing horseshoes

Mom, my cousin Kathryn, and my Dad's Uncle Donald

The group!

So excited!!!

As is our Mother's Day tradition around here, we also had another snake in our house (that makes 5...) Blu wasn't around, so I told Caedmon to go and find whoever he could! After 20 minutes of searching, they found it!

After 20 minutes of searching, our house looked like this.....

Today is another week of school, with excitement in the air as we leave Friday for Livingstone to pick up Blu's parents on Saturday! Teacher Debbie is coming back as well! I have been cleaning, meal prepping, and shopping, and Blu has been getting building projects ready for his Dad to help with! We can't wait!! :)

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