Friday, May 6, 2016

2016 Ladies Retreat!

This week, the New Day staff women & wives went on a staff retreat to Livingstone! Our last retreat was in April of 2012, s it had been awhile, and we were all excited to have the opportunity to go again! The theme was the Churches in Revelation (we studied 4, with a quick discussion on 2 others). It was a great time of renewal, fellowship, and lots of food! I feel like I know some of the New Day ladies better, and it is awesome to realize that we all struggle with a lot of the same things. We are refreshed and ready to start the next term of school on Monday!

Abby celebrated her birthday on our first day there, so she got a "Death by Chocolate" cake!

Carolyn & Mecki (Brian's wife) enjoying the hotel's breakfast buffet!

Iced coffee!

Hanging with Staci - we were so glad she was able to attend!

Waiting for food!

Miriam was hilarious - we would ask, "Miriam, what did you order?" And she would say, "I don't know..." Here she is trying to show Staci - she said, "I just looked for chicken something!"

A little photobomb by me :)

Twice :)

Laurie took Mecki & Miriam to see the Falls for the first time and into Zimbabwe!

We also splurged and had pedicures done for each of the ladies!

Me & Laurie relaxing at the pool!

Me & Liz

We did our retreat sessions in the mornings and everyone enjoyed them. We learned about returning to our first love (starting with remembering how far we have fallen), going through the open doors of opportunities without focusing on the obstacles, not having a lukewarm faith, and the purpose of trials and persecution!

Ready to learn!

Meanwhile, back home, Blu did an amazing job of holding down the fort! He hosted a sleepover for 5 little boys and took care of Hildah's daughter Laurie as well! Or maybe I should say Laurie & Cambree took care of him...

They made brownies one night!

And an entire supper - latkes, a banana, a chopped carrot, and cupcakes!

We are so grateful for donors who have given that allowed us to take these ladies on a retreat this year! We are all glad to be back home with our families but so grateful for the things God taught us on the retreat!

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