Wednesday, May 11, 2016

School's in Session!

Well another school term is upon us! This week has been a whirlwind of my mornings starting at 4:55am again, which has taken some getting used to! I have also been swamped with New Day financials/admin duties this week, but thankfully, school has gone smoothly!

I am loving my new bulletin board! (Thank you, Pinterest!)

Work is progressing on our Prosthetic Clinic!

Catching a quick snooze on my lunch time break! (The flash woke me up...thanks, Blu...)

Love our family nights when school is in session - chilling in the backyard before sunset!

Gymnastics - Blu on the balance beam!

Cambree doing her floor exercise!

And Caedmon on the uneven bars!

We were busy shelling peanuts!

Some green eggs & ham for Cason for breakfast after he led our family devotion night by reading Green Eggs & Ham and explaining that it's like when you don't think you want God, but if you try Him, then you realize you like Him! :)

The new orphan house walls are completely done and ready for our construction team from Arkansas to arrive on June 9th to do the roof, electrical, and plumbing!

It was also a sad week as I learned yesterday that my cousin, Little Steve, passed away after losing his battle with alcoholism. I have great memories of him picking on me, calling me Darbi Dewberry, teasing me about boyfriends, telling me gross stories (that I now tell my kids), almost falling off a cliff once to save me on a hike near Grandma's house (that none of our parents know about....until now...), and teaching me the ins and outs of LSU football and WWF wrestling. Please pray for his family - specifically his son and two little girls, and the rest of his family.

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