Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend in Temple!

We always have fun when we visit my parents at Rugrat Holler in Temple! This felt like our first time this furlough to come to their house NOT just passing through (or having a stomach virus...), and we have really enjoyed it!

Except for the's only 2 hours, but Cambree cried when she found out she had to get back in the car. :) (love her new glasses!)

Caedmon braved the cold to decorate the yard for Christmas! (Blu helped a little, until Caedmon told him he wasn't making it look nice, so Blu came inside.. ;)

The guys got up early and went to the men's prayer breakfast at church and came back to a huge cup of hot cocoa!

The two men in my life.. :)

I helped Mama go through her Christmas stuff and pick what to put up, what to get rid of, and what to take to Zambia!

Christmas crafts!

We call this tree the "unwanted" tree - all of the ornaments that we don't want! Poor tree! :)

Hanging out with Copenhagen

The kids helped by going through all of Mama Dee & Grandpa's toys and picking out what they wanted - the rest goes to the garage sale!

Movies - it was too cold to go outside this weekend!

I love hanging out and playing 42 with my parents!

A manicure - she's a little spoiled!

Tomorrow Blu will speak at my parent's church about New Day, and then in the afternoon we have a church fellowship and hanging of the green service, then back to Brownwood to start our week!

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