Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Day Update!

I know many of you are dying for some news from New Day! Internet is sparse, but we were able to talk to Wes & Laurie this week. Power is still out for 8 hours a day, but the rain has begun and brought a little bit cooler weather at times! Shannon (Texas volunteer) is there for another 3 weeks, and her dad has joined her. The Batten family is also there helping out. Teacher Diana will head back to Texas to be with her mother for Christmas but has plans to return to New Day on January 4th! Enjoy the pics!

Alicia getting to know the kids

Brian has been cooking for the Battens

Rainy season = Christmas bugs! They are sprinkled all throughout the green grass and brown dirt this time of year!

The New Day Independence Day celebration

The kids like Chuck's beard!

Lorna with some of the kids

Little Stanley!





Solar update = $26,000 has been raised for solar equipment so far!

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