Monday, November 9, 2015

Driving, driving, and more driving!

This month, we are putting TONS of miles on Blu's brother, Shade's, truck! 2 trips to Oklahoma, a trip to Florida, and a trip up to Northern Kansas! This past weekend, we headed up north to Hennessey and Purcell, OK. The kids stayed back with grandparents where Caedmon helped shoot/clean a deer with Paw, Cason watched lots of Power Rangers with B-Maw, and Cambree went shopping with Mama Dee & Grandpa! What do we do for all those hours in the truck, you ask? We enjoy the awesome heated seats, and I read aloud to Blu! (Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly - so good!) We were grateful that FBC Hennessey booked us a hotel room in town so that we didn't feel bad about coming in late and were able to go to sleep as soon as we got in!

This is McKenzie - 11 years ago she spent a summer in Zambia and we got to know her well! Her husband is now the pastor of FBC.

A sweet man from the church gave us some money "just for us", so we used our free time in the afternoon to head to the Oklahoma City Outlet malls - such fun! I doubt Blu would agree, but I found some great stuff for all of us!

Then it was time to head to Purcell, OK, to visit Union Hill Baptist Church. They have been supporters of New Day from the very beginning and it was great to see some familiar faces!

Madison came to New Day in 2012.

Sandy, Muchoni's sponsor

Combined, these two churches gave us love offerings for New Day totaling $2700 - God is so good!

It was a long trip home, and we got in at 1:15am. We had to be up early to head to Victory Life Academy to share with the Elementary Chapel. It was fun - we gave each one in the 2nd grade class a new name and gave them a "job" that a Zambian child might have - I think the kids loved it!

We have a busy week with our usual activities plus a meeting in Temple with the Prosthetics crew, and a meeting in Granbury with our new stateside financial person! Thankfully, next weekend we will stay local, sharing at a church here in Brownwood. Have a great week!

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