Monday, November 2, 2015

Hobart, OK

We had a great weekend in Hobart, OK! You know it's a small world when a pastor from Oklahoma and a music minister from Nebraska end up at the same church, and both of them were from previous New Day-supporting churches! :) We enjoyed the small town, West-Texas feel of Hobart, and we enjoyed getting to visit with old friends and meet new ones! We also loved the fact that our kids got to trick-or-treat (like REALLY trick-or-treat!), we got to sit in a Sunday School class, the worship was amazing, and we got to do a Q&A over lunch with the church's missions committee! We also loved that it was time change weekend, we had our own townhouse to stay in (slept LATE!), and felt rested even though it was a 4 hour drive there and back. We loved that when we rolled back into Brownwood, we were able to go to Blu's parent's house for grilled ribs and some time around the campfire. All in all, it was a great weekend!

Oklahoma! At the end of our furlough, we will have gone to or through Oklahoma 4 times!

15 year old Anna (aka Dorothy) took the kids trick-or-treating for almost 2 hours!

Here is their stash, along with THREE LIVE GOLDFISH. They are still alive and now have proper tanks in their rooms. Yes, 3 goldfish did survive the 4 hour trip from Oklahoma.. :)

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