Thursday, November 19, 2015

Disney Road Trip - There!

On Tuesday, we got the kids from school and headed out of Brownwood at 3:30pm - time for our Disney Road Trip! We have been talking about this for MONTHS, and the kids were so excited!

We can always count on Cambree to have a good stash of candy for us all!

But they soon looked like this...

We drove 6 hours and spent our first night in Bossier City, Louisiana at the Boomtown Hotel - it was cheap and the room was huge!!

The next morning, the kids watched some tv while we got ready.

After a breakfast at IHOP, we headed on down the road to Mississippi! I love crossing the Mississippi River!

The kids were in awe, too!

After about 4.5 hours, we arrived in Hattiesburg, where we hung out with Jessica for awhile! (Jessica is one of my closest friends - she was in our youth group at FBC Alvarado and married the music minister there, then moved to Mississippi). It is always so good to see her - she is all grown up with a teaching job and 2 babies!

Landon, Jessica, Addie Jane, and Barrett

The kids were in heaven holding a 5 day old baby!

Barrett Blaine came 3 weeks early, so we were able to meet him!

That night we spoke at their church, Providence Baptist, about New Day, and then headed 3 more hours down the road to spend the night in Pensacola, Florida.

The kids didn't realize McDonald's served breakfast and were a little leery. "Can we PLEASE just get a happy meal??" They were quite impressed with their sausage egg mcmuffins though! :)

And 6 hours later, we arrived in Kissimmee, hit up the Walmart for some groceries, and made it to our condo!! The kids love the house, and we will get a good night's sleep before starting our fun tomorrow! :)

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