Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday to Cambree!

I cannot believe our little girl is 9 years old today (or halfway to getting an iPhone, as she says!) She is a girly girl diva who would prefer to crochet, knit, and sew rather than do anything else; however, she is pretty comfortable in the dirt of Zambia that has been her home since she was 3 years old. She has a heart full of compassion and justice and her love is to make people laugh. Her nose is always in a book, and she loves deeply. I am proud that this little girl is mine! Happy 9th Birthday Cambree Rain!
Early morning wake-up call for Miss Cambree so we could open presents before school!

But first, Mrs. Dineenana always sends gifts for the non-birthday siblings! :)

She finally got the long-awaited Caboodle! #80schild

Caedmon gave Cambree a pillow he sewed himself :)

Cason gave her a bag full of his Halloween candy.. how sweet!


Pick-up sticks from Mrs. Dineenana!

They immediately sat down to teach Cason how to play!

All ready for school on her birthday!

I showed up at lunchtime with some McDonald's and cupcakes for a class party!

Silly girls!

Cambree leading them in singing Happy Birthday to herself ;)

Opening a gift from her teacher, Mrs. Kimmie

Happy 9th Birthday!

And I randomly found this on my camera...

This is what Cambree usually looks like..

And this is what Cason usually looks like..

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