Friday, November 6, 2015

Cambree's Skating Party!

Cambree's birthday isn't until next Wednesday, November 11th, but next weekend is full of 2 other birthday parties of girls in her class, so we opted for an early party! Tonight we celebrated Cambree's 9th Birthday with a 70s Disco Party at our local skating rink!

Prepped and ready to go!

I told Blu & Shade to pose for the pic, and this is what I got...

Caed & his friend Kaitlyn

Skating was TOUGH for all of them, but they got the hang of it after 2 hours at the rink!


Disco cake!

Brooke giving Cambree a hand

Sweet girl - how is my baby girl 9 years old already?!

Poor Cam spent a lot of time on the ground!

Cambree's whole class came to her party! (plus her brothers and 3 other class siblings!)

Cambree & Lindsey taking a break for some McDonald's Cheeseburgers (birthday girl request!)

Go Cambree!

Cason getting a helping hand from an old skating pro!

It took him awhile to get the hang of it!

He got some help from Mama too!

Grandpa helping the birthday girl!

I must say...I was impressed!

My grandma Marie, Mama, & Daddy

And the chasing and squishing of a baby mouse in the middle of the party...

She got lots of great presents - mostly money & craft gifts - they know her well!

Paw & B-Maw got her a pink camo bb & pellet gun!

Shade & AJ making the rounds!

It was a very low-key, non-chaotic party that went so well, and I know she will remember it forever! She is off to spend her "date weekend" with Grandpa & Mama Dee. The boys have football and soccer games tomorrow and then they will spend the rest of the weekend with Paw & B-Maw as we travel to Oklahoma (again) to share about New Day! #thankgoodnessforgrandparents!

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