Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pre-School Activities!

The week before school started was a good one! As I blogged, we went to Lusaka for our anniversary and to pick up the Wilcoxes. Out of their 8 checked bags, 3 didn't make it, so we were "forced" to spend another night in the big city! What does one do an extra day in the city, you ask?

Check out the new Pizza Hut of course!

And go to Mugg n' Bean..again.. (My husband LOVES hot tea! He ordered a "trash burger" with hot tea...how manly! ;)

And play cards..while Wes & Laurie are in jet lag...good times..

After multiple trips to the airport, we decided that nobody REALLY knew where their bags were, so we opted to head home! (Wouldn't you know...their bags arrived on the next flight after we left...with Korean Air tags on them.....??) It was great to get back to New Day and watch Papa Wes and Mama Lala reunite with the kids!

Now that we have so many people cooking for themselves at the orphanage (Tidwells, Cooks, Wilcoxes, Carolyn, Debbie, Hildah, Liz, Abby, Mulenga/Miriam), we had to change the way we do our grocery trips. Every Saturday, the New Day bus heads for Choma for a 5 hour trip where whoever wants to go can get their groceries! It was our turn to drive this past week, and we had a great time!

Carolyn & Deb hanging out at the museum

Blu is Superdad because he brought a baseball bat and ball!

Just relaxing waiting for everyone to finish shopping! We got back just in time to serve 128 kids at Kids Club!

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