Tuesday, January 6, 2015

14 years!!!

And speaking of weddings....14 years ago today, we had a beautiful, traditional wedding of our own at First Baptist Church in Bartlett! I absolutely loved every single thing about our wedding. Growing up, I watched my dad do countless weddings in that church, and my sister and I would go and sit on our porch swing and talk about what our weddings would be like. I wanted mine to be exactly like all of those I had seen in that church, and it was! :)
It was a sunny, gorgeous, January day!

We had just turned 19 and 20 - it didn't seem so young then!

And better than the wedding itself...the last 14 years with this man :) (This was on our way out the door this morning! We are in Lusaka picking up the Wilcoxes tomorrow! Awesome how they planned their flight back around our anniversary! Thanks ya'll! :) My daddy bought me this shirt for Christmas :)

Cambree insisted on a kissing picture - the kids are a little obsessed with kissing after Uncle Mulenga's wedding!

So what do we do in Lusaka for our anniversary?? We eat, of course!! When you have to cook ALL of your meals from scratch, a trip to the big city = restaurants!!

Gingerbread latte and a cappuccino to start!

A yummy smoked chicken and wild rice salad at Sandy's for lunch!

Chicken espetada at Rhapsody's for supper!

Lemon meringue pie and a strawberry banana smoothie for dessert!

We opted out of a movie - it's past our bedtime! I can't wait for the next 14 years with Joshua Blu Tidwell!! :)

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