Saturday, January 24, 2015

Construction Updates!

Here is a picture update of some projects around New Day!

The fish pond is complete! By the end of next week, it should be full of tilapia!

Looks good! The middle dirt area will be the dock for fishing!

The Palace!! This is our staff house - it is built like a quadplex with an 2 bed/1 bath apartment for Elizabeth, Abby, Mulenga/Miriam, and Hildah! It is located behind and between the Tidwell/Wilcox houses, and because it's right on the edge of the property, they said they would feel better with a fence around it.

The entrance to Abby's house

Abby's sitting room/kitchenette. The staff opted to spend their bonus money on rugs, tvs, refrigerators, and stoves. They are still saving up for furniture!

Abby's guest room - she can't wait for her father to come and visit!

Abby's master room

Abby's bathroom

Miriam and Little Laurie watching election results in Elizabeth's house

Meanwhile, Mulenga's old house is almost done with the conversion process to turn it into an orphan house. We have built 2 more bathrooms, repainted, and now just need a good cleaning and bunkbed construction! The girls' old house is in the conversion process with an additional bathroom being built. week we will break ground on a new 4 room classroom block for the New Day school as we prepare to take in 14 more kids this year!

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