Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Day of School 2015!

Another First Day of school is here! The Zambian school year runs January - December, so our kids started a brand new year today! Caedmon is in 5th grade, Cambree is in 4th, and Cason is in 1st! Here is a look at some first days gone by!

First day of Kids Day Out in Brownwood - 2009

First day of homeschool in Zambia - 2010!

First day January 2012

First day January 2013

First day August 2013 in the USA

First day January 2014

First day January 2015!

Mama is ready to go too!

Prince & Lulu started Preschool with Aunt Niki!

They have so much fun collecting and counting eggs, learning letters, and playing lots of games/singing silly songs!

Mama Lala's class...4 days after she got back from the USA...impressive!

I am excited about this school year! Here is what my typical day will look like:

5am - walk around New Day, 5:30am - personal quiet time, 6am - get ready for school, 6:30am - breakfast for family, 7:30am - everyone out the door!

Teach morning classes - 5th grade Math, 4th grade Math, 4th grade Language Arts

Lunch break and New Day blogging/administrative/finance responsibilities until 2:45pm

Reading class until 3:30pm, followed by workout, cook supper, and family time!

It should be a great year!

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