Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BeND Ministries

New Day is kicking off a new ministry this year called BeND Ministries - Beyond New Day. We are seeking ways to reach out to the schools and villages around us in order to help the most vulnerable and share Christ's love. We are bringing the first two needs from BeND to you this week. One, an 8th grader named Cynthia, was posted on New Day's facebook page. I decided to post the other here on my blog. You may remember seeing pictures of 22 year old Prisca, who was born with a severely bent spine. Prisca has never been to the doctor - her mother simply told her that she bent over too much as a child, causing her back to bend. New Day sponsored Prisca at school for awhile, but because of her age and academic struggles, we began seeking another way to help her. Prisca has been accepted to Chodoort Training Center in Choma, where she will take a 2 year course in tailoring. When she is finished, she will be a fine seamstress with the knowledge and skills to open her own business and provide for herself. The cost for Prisca to attend Chodoort is $380 per year, or $32 per month. If you are interested in sponsoring Prisca, please email me at blutidwell@sbcglobal.net

UPDATE: Within a few minutes of posting this, I was contacted by someone offering to sponsor Prisca. Thank you! We will continue to bring you BeND opportunities/needs as they come our way!

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