Friday, January 23, 2015

A fun week!

School was out on Tuesday due to presidential elections (still waiting for official results - a VERY close race!!), so the kids got to play in the fish pond as it was filling up! Can't wait to have our own tilapia!!

The tooth fairy is going broke over here..

BeND Ministries (Beyond New Day) got to help send 8th grade Cynthia Kagele to school! Her father died and she lives with her mother, working in the fields. However, she scored high enough on her 7th grade exams to gain entrance into Macha Girls School - a great girls' boarding school in our area! We put the word out, a sponsor volunteered to pay for a year of school, and we headed to the store to buy her everything she would need! Blu & Pastor Maxwell drove her to school today - she was so excited/nervous/grateful!!

A great reminder!

Johnny Boy has requested pics of our new staff house (The Palace), so I will try to head out there this weekend and get some pics, as I'm sure many of you want to see their finished houses!!

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