Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reward Camping Trip!

At the beginning of this past school term, Blu jokingly said that anyone that didn't get a color change the ENTIRE three months would get to go on a special camping trip with Uncle Blu! Well, lo and behold, 2 of the New Day kids (out of 23!) made it - Glory & Mweene!!

They were SO excited - Glory dressed in her best dress and Mweene in his USA shirt!

Wait a minute...how did I get dragged into this?!

We stayed at the Waterfront and got in a quick swim, but they thought it was cold!

Muscle Men!

Mweene wasn't too interested in getting in!

Glory didn't stop laughing in the pool!

Chicken & chips!

Blu took them inside a boat sitting at the Waterfront

Ice cream!

This was the tent I slept in...with no mattress...just one blanket...I'm not as young as I used to be, that's for sure!

Blu & the kids slept in this tent that attaches to the top of our truck - pretty neat! (I moved to the pup tent after Glory insisted on sleeping on top of me the first half of the night.. ;)

At 6:30am this morning, we headed for a drive through the game park and saw lots of giraffes!

And my favorite, zebra!

We then asked if they wanted to visit another country, so we went to Zimbabwe ;)

Watching someone bungee - Glory said she would do it one day but Mweene said no way!

My lunch - Paleo..it's the way to go!

Last stop the Livingstone airport to pick up Uncle Ricky & Coby!

I think we wore them out!

My favorite part of the trip was when we left, Mweene ran back to give Mama Joyce a hug. Then, when Blu gave him a mango, he wouldn't eat it and said he was saving it for Mama Joyce. :) Blu asked Glory, "If you could choose anyone of your friends from New Day to be here with you, who would you choose?" She answered, "You!" :)

I'm betting next term there will be move kids that don't get their color changed...but thankfully Papa Wes will be back to go with Blu ;)

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