Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Tidwells, Part Two!

After Advent and present-opening, it was time to get ready for the Christmas service at church! We cleaned up pretty nice!

Mama's baby!

The kids heading into the very muddy church!

Blu led the kids in songs as we waited for more adults to show up!

Melvin gave a great Christmas message! My favorite part: "When you say you are celebrating Christmas by drinking, is that how we celebrate the birth of God's Son?"

On Christmas afternoon, we delivered baskets to the widows/elderly that live around us. Each one received a plastic tub filled with oil, beans, sugar, tea bags, soy chunks, juice, soap, washing powder, bread, butter, jam, a live chicken, and 2 liters of milk! They were so excited to get them and sang and danced!

Mr. Chikutwe - a faithful attender of our church who is 81 years old!

Elena - she is the woman who donated the 66 acres of land to New Day

Georgina - she lives the closest to the church and has forgotten how old she is :)

You can see in the distance Blu, Cason, and Joseph delivering some bread, butter, and jam to the headman's family (both the headman and his wife died last year).

Salome - she has gone downhill in her health and is sad ALL the time, repeatedly saying that God is punishing her for all of her sins.

Stella, who lives near the church, still holds tightly to many traditional beliefs. She was the most excited and danced and danced! She said she is going to save the special tub to be used as the ceremonial dish for washing her body after she dies.

The New Day kids LOVED making these deliveries - it was their favorite part of Christmas Day! What a blessing to be go to sleep knowing that these few people went to bed a little fuller tonight and maybe understanding a little more about God's love. We can't help them all, but we can help a few.

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