Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Kids Club Christmas!

Back in October, the Rosemont Team from Georgia brought backpacks and tons of goodies to put inside to use as Christmas gifts for the Kids Club kids. This past week, the New Day kids decorated 200 cookies and filled the bags with an apple and orange so that we could hand them out today after a lesson on "the greatest Gift of all." Surprisingly, we had only SIXTY children at Kids Club - our smallest number ever!!!! :( A lot of the kids must be on holiday or working in the fields, keeping the cattle and goats away from their family's precious newly-planted maize. We packed 200 bags, so we are delivering the rest to Maxwell's church in Mapanza, the New Day church, our local Bible studies, and possibly the children of our part-time employees! Thank you Rosemont for this amazing gift - the first present most of these kids have ever received!!

The New Day kids receiving last minute instructions from Uncle Blu!

Cambree putting a backpack on a friend

Little Febby's reached the ground! :)

Francis & Misheck handing out bags

They couldn't wait to look inside!!

So sweet!

The boys headed home with their bags!

This sweetie has a lot of health problems and he was named "Unwell" at birth. :( He doesn't usually come, but I was so excited he was here today!

Love this picture of the kids walking home!

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