Monday, December 22, 2014

New Day Part-Time Staff Christmas Party!

Can you believe we have TWENTY-TWO part-time employees at New Day??!! Sisiliah, who runs our New Day store, was our first employee back in 2010, followed quickly by Lois and Mrs. Choma. We have slowly added agriculture employees, kitchen help, more and more housemother help, etc.! Today we had a very quick party for these staffers - they each got a big bowl of ice cream, a Christmas cookie, and a loaf of bread with butter & jam (Zambian traditional Christmas food). They also got a bonus of K150 ($24), and a goodie bag with some leftover stuffed animals/toys from the orphanage. We then did a drawing for talk time for phones, a bag of fertilizer, and a suitcase. Everyone had a blast, and I think we really showed these employees how much we appreciate their hard work every day!!

It was funny to see the men and women come into the dining hall and immediately separate themselves - cultural thing!

The ladies

Sisiliah wasn't sure what to think about the ice cream! (Most of the staffers had never tried it before!) She said, "Oh! My teeth!"

I snuck away for a minute to help cook in the kitchen since Eness was at the party. I love fish but this did NOT look good!!

Most of the part-time staff!

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