Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Party!

Merry Christmas from New Day!! Today we had the kids' Christmas party, and after watching the adult staff have 2 different parties, they said, "Finally! It's our turn!"

We set up 4 stations of games/activities that the kids rotated to! The Cooks led the Blizzard Blast in the shelter outside!

The kids had to put their feet in a bucket of ice water and dig out the dice, tossing them onto the ground (with their feet!) to see which team got the most points!

Glory was saying it was SOOO cold!

Musical chairs with Austin!


Teacher Carolyn led a group where she read "The Legend of the Christmas Stocking" and the kids decorated their own stockings!

I led a group where I read "The Legend of Saint Nicholas", and the kids then decorated a Christmas card for some gift baskets we are delivering to widows tomorrow (the kids thought it was neat that THEY get to be St. Nick!)

Prince enjoyed the first half of the party... ;)

Debbie led a group where the kids drew on eggs and then colored them; they will eventually turn them into ornaments. Debbie is brave!! Gertrude works hard on her egg!

So does Mweene!

The gifts under the tree were a little distracting!

Mweene, Joseph, and Ben - the boys came dressed in their church clothes :)

Prince konked out!

In the middle of the party, we got a downpour! Coby made a mud Christmas tree! :)

The kids finally got to open their presents, one at a time! Here they are, from youngest to oldest!



















Meanwhile, back at the Tidwell house...we let our kids open one gift early before the party. Our kids always have trouble coming home on time, so we got them each watches!! :)

Cambree has been a big helper with all the cooking I've done this week!

The Cooks delivered the rest of our Christmas bags to Children's Nest Orphanage in Choma!

Did I post this already?? I love our garden produce - butternut squash, tomatoes and green beans, and LOTS of lettuce!!

We have a LOT going on tomorrow, but I'll be sure I blog all of the festivities as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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