Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy December!

It has been a busy few weeks at New Day!! Here is a little of what we have been up to!

Sleepovers! We had all 9 of the boys at our house last Tuesday night - when we woke up I had to laugh to see them sprawled all over the living room!

Except for the host, Caedmon, sleeping comfortably in his bed!!

This morning we had a cookie decorating party! The New Day kids decorated 200 cookies to go in the Christmas packets for the Kids Club kids tomorrow! After we were done, we did a mass assembly line to fill the bags with apples, oranges, and their cookies!

Even Uncle Blu came around to help! He must have smelled the cookies!


It was a little messy...

Carolyn made all 224 of the cookies, AND we gave her the table with Lulu, Prince, Kefbert, and Cason! :)

They had a blast!

Bagging up 200 cookies - a little chaotic!

Kelitah was a BIG help!

Malilwe and her smile.. :)

Misheck ready to eat his own cookie!

Muchoni was pretty excited to eat his gingerbread man!

Love those smiles of our 2 oldest girls!

After all the fun, it was back to the library project for me - after 2 months, we're almost done!!

And my little minion who tirelessly helped me for 3 hours today!!

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