Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prince arrives at New Day!

Today Prince joined the New Day family! He is 3 years old (born April 24, 2011), and his father passed away last year. His story is quite strange. According to the family, his father stole fish from Namwala, a town that has a lot of witch doctors. After eating the stolen fish, both he and his wife became sick (basically insane). This leads the family to believe that they were "bewitched." The father passed away, and the mother is still alive but unable to care for Prince due to her mental illness. He is an only child whose grandmother was helping to care for him. Prince's family took him to Social Welfare in Choma, where an investigation into his living situation as conducted, and today New Day was given full custody of Prince! He is a cutie and is so tiny! I can't wait to watch him grow up, find Jesus, and see how God will use him one day!

He was a little bit terrified...

Prince with Uncle Blu

Kefbert wasn't sure what to think of this new little guy... ;)

I'm sure he will settle in fast!

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