Monday, July 21, 2014

Goodbye to Sam & Ashley! :(

This has certainly been the year of interns at New Day! Each one has brought their own gifts, talents, and personality to New Day, and we have had a blast with all of them! Today we say goodbye to Samuel & Ashley, as they fly back home to Texas & Tennessee!

Ashley is a pre-med major at UT Knoxville. My favorite thing that Ashley did while she was here were Saturday morning Science experiments. It didn't matter what she was doing - from decorating a birthday cake, to putting together a Science experiment, to subbing for the Pre-K class, Ashley gave it all 100%. We will miss her!!

We will certainly miss this face around New Day! Samuel is probably one of the hardest workers I have ever seen for only being 17 years old. He gave up the summer before his senior year of high school to come to Zambia and volunteer at an orphanage. He led Bible studies, hauled sand, and invested so much in our New Day boys. If my boys turn out to be anything like Sam, I will be blessed. *Please pray for Samuel as his passport was stolen on Friday and he is in the capitol city today working with the Embassy & Immigration to try to fly home!*

Thank you especially to the families of Samuel & Ashley who sacrificed their kids for the summer - we were BLESSED to have them at New Day!

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