Monday, July 7, 2014

Church Workday and More Randomness!

Here are a few random pictures of what's been happening at New Day!

The kids got hold of my camera :)

Grace took some pics of my kids before she left!

The beginning of VBS before we split the kids into groups

Lisa and Joseph

Monte at soccer practice - the big game is tomorrow!!

I went in last night and saw the kids all reading before bedtime :)

We are decorating our office in a "travel" theme, so the kids helped us put up our new word world map!

LOTS of people at church yesterday!

This morning was a church workday (our church is building a building of their own just off our property), so the team and interns all went to help out! Here is Allison working hard with Sisi!

Phillip & Kefi taking a break!

The kids all worked hard!

Drew & Kim

They made a big fire to put some of the dead grass in

Hildah & Abby working on their day off! (today is a national holiday so no school!)

Anais, Julia, & Mandy

Monte teasing Cynthia :)

Samuel will definitely be ready for his Senior year of football!

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