Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun Friday Pics!

Most of these pics I stole from others on facebook, but here is a glimpse of New Day the past week or two!

Blu climbing a pole, like his dad :)

And teaching at Kids Club

And playing with some village kids

Ashley took this pic at Vic Falls, and then she bungee jumped off that bridge!!

Caedmon with his best friend Misheck, along with Ben and a friend :)

Cambree - who needs toys?!

My sweet dirty Cason

Yep - 2 weeks today I'll be chilling here :)

Another field trip pic!

Mama Liz & Sisi

The kids waiting for Uncle Jeff's memorial service to start

A few pics of our newest, Prince! I haven't spent much time with him - I am staying away purposely to try to give him a chance to really bond with Mama Joyce. I figure I have about 15 years to hang out with him! :)

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