Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jeff's Memorial Service

Yesterday there was a memorial for Jeff at the New Day Church. There were 5 churches that were represented and about 150 people in attendance. It was Zambian-led (Pastor Maxwell from Mapanza Baptist), and it was LONG, but it was neat to see the Zambians come one after another up to the front to talk about the impact Jeff had on their lives. Blu commented later about how much Scripture was shared - either through stories or via memory. That is Jeff's legacy - that is what he taught these people.

These are the 2 men Jeff invested in the most - Victor & Patheus from Namwala Baptist Church. They did a hilarious skit where Patheus was Jeff taking them to Bible study. "Hurry up guys! Time is going! If we were in America, you would have been chased from the church! We have to go! But first, go buy some fritters for us to eat!" :) Victor said this: "Jeff was our father. We are now orphans. But we will continue the work of God."

Mapanza Baptist Church did a storying skit that Jeff taught them of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.

The Namwala Baptist Church Choir (LOTS of choirs sang..)

New Day Baptist was represented by the New Day kids choir, led by Teacher Abby

Lots of people!

Cambree sitting patiently

Blu read a letter from the Baptist Mission of Zambia, and Wes read Jeff's obituary. It was funny to listen to them try to pronounce the American names.

It was still so surreal to sit there and process the fact that Jeff is really gone. But Maxwell said over and over again, "This is not a funeral. Are you sad? We are celebrating! "Jeff Pow-uh" is in heaven with Jesus!"

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