Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A crazy CRAZY day!!!

Today was an absolutely insane day! It was another national holiday, which means no school! We got up and headed to the tiny town of Mbabala for a rematch with the judge's soccer team. It was a 3 hour ordeal (the other team was almost 2 hours late..) but we had fun!! Most of these pics are for grandparents...

The New Day Soccer Team!

Blu played a little too and got a massage from Cambree mid-game

Because he had just fallen on the ground..he's a little dramatic.. ;)

Caedmon was the goalie the first half (nobody scored on him!)

Look at him go! He loves playing soccer!

Before the game, Cambree ran over and insisted she could only play barefoot...

Can you find my daughter in this picture??

This is the other team's coach, and the judge in Choma. In Zambia, it is normal for a man to grab your hand to show friendship. :)

Some of the cheering section.. (why is my daughter not in the game?!)

This was our view way up in the shade

After our 4-0 loss, we rushed back to New Day to go to our 5th day of VBS. There was some crazy Duck Duck Goose going on at Rec time!

Sweet Malilwe wearing Uncle Blu's hat

And right after VBS, it was time for Family Dinner Night and Christina's 6th birthday party!

She loved her new Barbie, princess blanket, and necklaces!

What a day! Tomorrow is the last day with the team, the last day of VBS, and the first day back to school after a 4 day weekend - should be fun!

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