Monday, July 28, 2014

Goodbye to Allison! :(

"Teacher Allison" will arrive back in Texas in just a few hours, and we already miss her here at New Day! Allison has spent 3 summers serving as a volunteer at New Day, and she has helped us make great strides in our reading program during the last two. This summer, she did reading level assessments on each of the kids and then trained the staff in doing Guided Reading with the kids on their own levels. We anticipate seeing huge improvements in the reading skills of our kids, which will lead to educational improvement across the board. But aside from teaching, this is what Teacher Allison looked like all summer long....

If there was ever an opportunity to play with a child, hold a baby, attend a cultural event like a wedding or funeral, Allison was there. She spent ALL of her free time with the New Day kids, investing in them daily. Thank you again Allison for giving up your summer break from teaching in the USA to pour yourself into the lives at New Day! :)

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