Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Precious

Precious - October 21, 2008 - December 4, 2013

God did heal Precious, just not in the way we had selfishly hoped. Instead of deciding what to get her for Christmas, we are deciding where to bury her. Instead of her seeing her first Christmas tree, she is seeing the face of Jesus. In the nine months we were privileged to have Precious in our family, she experienced so much at New Day. She gained 21 brothers and sisters, learned how to count, had her first ever birthday party, ate a s'more, wore her first brand new dress, opened her first book, was potty-trained (woohoo!), and experienced SO. MUCH. LOVE. As amazing as all of those things are, none of it compares to what she is experiencing now. Thank you for your prayers for the entire New Day family.

There are a ton of pictures I could post - she's just so stinkin' cute! :)

She was tired after this big Mother's Day celebration, so I got some hugs!

I imagine that this is what she looks like in heaven in Jesus' arms!

Still smiling in the hospital! She had so many visitors and got tons of new toys!

The last day I saw her

Hiding in a bucket with Cason!

Axer loves being a "bis sister"

So thankful Papa Wes (and Uncle Ricky and Mama Lala!) were there for her at the end of her life

Hugs for Cambree

My favorite pic of her :)

Her first day at New Day...overwhelmed...

Her first birthday at New Day - 5 years old! We shared the same birthday :)

Cason said, "I love Precious. She lets me wub her ear." :)

We love you sweet girl and will see you in heaven!

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Wife, Mom, and Nana said...

Mike & I are grieving for your losses. What a difference you made in Precious' short sweet life. And we praise God for taking her into His arms of love. I am sure He has another little girl who needs New Day now. We are praying for the adults as well as the children as you go through this sorrowful time.