Thursday, December 19, 2013

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin!

It's that time of the year - school programs and classroom parties to celebrate Christmas!

Cambree's class led a chapel service and she spoke on the best "present."

And they did a little dance..

And Cason pouted through the whole thing because he wanted to come and sit with me. :)

But the next week, it was his class's turn to lead Chapel! Here he is with cute Chloe. :)

He's the last one on the far right - the 11th day of Christmas! (He knows that whole song now, which means our whole family does too...)

Then today it was Cambree's class party - fun!

She and her cousin Andie got the exact same gift and were SO excited!

We decided tonight to do our family Christmas - just the 5 of us and the gifts we got each other! Blu loved the Duck Dynasty beard Caedmon got him!

A David Platt book, A&M hat, and new shirts from me!

Nail polish from Caedmon :)

Some awesome slippers from Cason because he knows Mama's favorite colors are pink & yellow :)

Blu got me this Soda Stream so that we can make cherry lime cokes in Zambia!!!!! (I totally might be drinking a cherry coke as I type this...

Caedmon has wanted some "real" handcuffs for a long time - Cambree did good on her gift for him!

Headphones for his new ipad from Mama & Daddy!

A 200 piece Diary of a Wimpy Kid puzzle!

Cambree LOVED her Zambian purse!

Fun stuff from Caedmon!

Cambree picked out the softest monkey she could find for Cason :)

He has been asking for a "Cwedible Huk" watch forever..this was his face when he saw it!

But his favorite present was a coloring book with a magic marker from Caedmon!

Tomorrow the boys have their class parties, and then we move the festivities to Lake Brownwood with the Tidwell side of the family for the weekend! :)

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