Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fun day after Christmas!

We had a fun and very busy day after Christmas! Here's what we were up to!

A visit to the Waco Children's Museum with Mom & Dad! Yes, I do realize that most of the pictures below are of the adults and not the kids.. :)

Blu loved the bubble room!

We laughed and laughed at Blu "flying!"

Here he is writing me a secret message in Hieroglyphics!

Getting ready to get back to New Day and milk Martha the cow again!

Ugh...nasty tarantula...

Cambree makes a bubble around herself

The pioneer room was so fun!

We used to do this in Zambia...

Everyone wants to be like Uncle Shade.. :)

Rinsing clothes!

An old historic church building

Dad & Blu were fascinated by the floating ball :)

Love him :)

My little (and big) drummers

Dad said, "Dee, go stand there and I'm going to show you something.." She was a little bit leery :)

Mom gives a news report

The train exhibit was amazing!

We met Marie, Johnny Boy's sister, for lunch at a Lebanese café - yum! I can't believe I didn't get any pictures...probably because my kids were being hooligans...

After lunch we drove to Alvarado to see Jessica, Landon, and the new baby, Miss Addie Jane!

So sweet!

Brindley stopped by to say hi! She's gorgeous :) Both of them. :)

We hung out at Mrs. Kelly's house and then had supper with some of our good Alvarado friends.

It was a fun and tiring day! Please lift up Wes and Laurie in your prayers as Wes flies back to the USA due to his mom's sickness. She is not doing well at all and the doctors did not give a good prognosis. He will arrive in Missouri on Saturday morning at 9:20am, and Laurie will hold the fort down at New Day until we arrive in 8 days.

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