Monday, December 16, 2013

Cambree's Time in the USA

Here's what Cambree has been up to in the USA!

Arriving at the DFW Airport in August - this picture is precious!!!!

Getting picked up from school!

Cemetery bike ride!

Working on her Christmas chain!

Sunday School at Ocker Church

Ocker Church Children's Sermon

For Cambree's date weekend, she got to attend a wedding at my parents' church! Here she is the night before helping Grandpa practice. She is wearing my mom's actual wedding dress from 1973!

She loved getting herself & her Barbie all dressed up for the wedding!

Love this :)

Movie time with Mama Dee!

Fun at the park!

Helping put up the Christmas tree!

My mom had cuter pics of the d├ęcor for Cambree & Andie's Little Mermaid party - so fun!

Quite possibly my favorite picture ever...Cambree is very picky about her hair and was apparently NOT enjoying whatever Grandpa was doing!!! :)

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