Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas at the Tidwells!

I always love Christmas at Paw & B-Maw's! It's a little bit chaotic (5 kids running around!), but it's always fun!

B-Maw's trees are always elegant!

Check this out - she took some old pants and a jacket and whipped up her own handmade stockings - leopard print and camo!!!

First, we read the Christmas story from the Bible

Then we read John 1:1 and light candles every time the word "LIGHT" is said.

B-Maw wrote an amazing book using the kids as illustrations - it's an awesome witnessing tool!

The boys being boys...

The girls listening intently

Blu reading the book to the kids (again!) They think they're famous for being in a book!

Super creative Aunt Caity made fleece blankets for each of our kids!

Oranges in the stocking - this girl loves fruit!

Cason was very excited about his apple!

B-Maw and Cambree

Paw loved his new puzzle :)

And Shade loved his video game!

Be still my heart...these girls are beauties, and they sure will miss each other!

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