Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Then/Now Blog Post - 2017

Well, well, well it's that time again! Actually, last year ON THIS DAY, I posted the annual then/now blog! June 6th must be a good day for me! May 2017 marked 6 years since we got our first kids at New Day - time flies! I love to look at them and see the progress they have made from their first day to now. Looking at these pictures, you can definitely see the physical changes, but those of us who live here (and those of you who have visited) know firsthand that the emotional and spiritual changes are even more significant! So here it is - all 31 kids - in the order they came to New Day...THEN...and NOW!
Sisi, age 15

Muchoni, age 12

Misheck, age 11

Ben, age 12 (almost 13!)

Kelitah, age 12

Axer, age 9

Francis, age 12

Cynthia, age 14

Phillip, age 10

Christina, age 8

Joseph, age 10

Gertrude, age 9

Mweene, age 10

Kefbert, age 8

Glory, age 10

Our sweet Precious - 10/21/08 - 12/4/13

Malilwe, age 9

Prince, age 6

Lulu, age 8

Terry, age 5

Emma, age 2 (almost 3!)

Justin, age 2 (almost 3!)

Luumuno, age 7

Agness, age 6

Stanley, age 4

Emmanuel, age 5

Edna, age 6

Laston, age 22 months

Luyando, age 11 months

Chipego, age 6

Maggie, age 2 months

Joy, age 9 days

And some pictures of our awesome New Day Staff! (This is our staff that lives on-campus.)

Mama Cecilia (she needs a sponsor! Anyone interested?!)

Teacher Debbie

Teacher Diana

Mama Liz and her almost 13 year old daughter, Machila

Uncle Mulenga and his 2 boys, Emmanuel and David. (His wife Miriam is away at school!)

Teacher Hildah and Little Laurie (who hates being called that!)

Mama Loveness

Teacher Melvin

Mama Tembo & Papa Tembo (Mama Tembo needs a sponsor as well! Anyone interested?!)

The Tidwell Family

Papa Wes & Mama Lala

Papa Ron & Mama Dee

Mama Yolantah and her son Josh

Mama Zelly (She also needs a sponsor - anyone interested?!)

And a few other fun shots!

Our awesome housemothers!

Mama Cecilia's House

Mama Loveness' House

The Tembos' House

Mama Yolantah's House

Mama Zelly

The girls all adore Ben from Georgia :)

Hanging out during the photo shoot!

So handsome!

These two have been inseparable for about 5 years..


Cambree & Erin

Girls just wanna have fun (except for Luyando, who's not too sure!)

All of us!

The New Day Kids!

Silly faces!

Lexi & Erin with the girls

Love this girl's sweet laugh!

These two are inseparable!

Silly Grandpa!

Love my parents!

Aunt Staci was there too!

That's a lot of purple!

Cason hanging with Joseph!


Papa Wes, Ben, & Cason

Papa Wes with Cynthia & Caedmon

7 years later...here we are!

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