Saturday, June 3, 2017

Happy 12th Birthday to Caedmon!

Yesterday we celebrated Caedmon's 12th birthday!! Oh my this child has a heart of gold. He is kind, and honest, and loving, and spends time in the Word every day, and is loyal, and encouraging, and just all around a great kid! We love our Caedmon Luke so much! We had a great week celebrating - Blu planned a coming of age ceremony for him with Wes, Dad, Mulenga, and Paw (via proxy) attending. They ate chicken wings and chips, drank cokes, shot the BB gun, and then Caedmon was presented with a shield where every part is symbolic of a character trait. It was amazing! Blu was amazing to plan that, and I know it meant so much to Caedmon when each man shared the advice they would give their 12 year old self!

Then it was on to his birthday morning, where we got up early, opened presents, and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast! He got lots of fun gifts - giant playing cards, Beanboozled, Watch ya Mouth, Pie in Face, Minion movies, American candy and Corn Pops cereal, cologne, art supplies, a spy book, etc! He was also blessed by Aunt Staci, Teacher Debbie, and Diana with cards and spending money for the USA!

After school, a soccer game (where we WON 3-1 AND Caedmon scored a goal!), it was time to get ready for his Minion party! We had Minion punch, food sacks (filled with homemade corn dogs and chips), cupcakes, and 4 games: Pin the Goggles on the Minion, Minion balloon darts, Minion 2 liter Ring Toss, and Beanboozled!

The boys spent the night and had a great time watching movies (except for Caedmon...who went to bed at 9:30pm!!). It was a great day to spend celebrating our Caedmon, and we look forward to what God has in store for his future!

And finally...I have to show the annual "Look how much they've grown" sleepover picture!! 2012, 2014, and 2017!

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