Monday, June 26, 2017

Last of the Clanton Team!

We had a great time (and stayed up WAY too late!) with the Clanton team last week! We were blessed by their Discipline Workshop, fun afternoon activities with the kids, and other ways they pitched in and helped - AND with the laughter/fun they brought to New Day for the week!

They also got some great shots of the kids - here's Miss Agness!

Installation of a new hot water heater...and turning the old hot water heater into a smoker!!

Building church pews/benches!

Some soccer, of course!

Emma just hanging around!

Grace & Edna


Josh & Christy stayed in our house for 3 months while we were on furlough back in 2011. Love these two so much!

Justin just a'swinging!

Lily & Lydia loved spending their time with our littles!

Who's the Boss? This girl right here! ;)

Nurse Mandy came!! Everyone was SO excited to see her!


Manly Stanley!

Another gorgeous sunset!

Josh & Christy did a great job on the discipline workshop!


A great group of people who will be missed!

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