Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy June Birthdays!

Today we squeezed our June Birthday Party in between two teams! We celebrated Caedmon, Papa Tembo, Emma, Justin, Mama Dee, and Ben, and we had a blast doing it!

Ben (turns 13 on June 26!) got a Hardy Boys cake! This boy LOVES the Hardy Boys series! (Thanks to the Rosemont team for making all six of our cakes!!)

Caedmon (turned 12 on June 2) had a Minions cake of course!

He's getting "too cool" for stuff like this...

Emma (turns 3 on June 15) loved her Dora cake and all of her gifts too!

Justin (turns 3 on June 15) loved his truck cake!

Mama Dee (turns 61 on June 24) had a chocolate "sewing" cake!


She looks so young here!

Papa Tembo (turned 59 on June 8) got vanilla sprinkles!

Time for some water pouring!! Thankfully this day was nothing like yesterday and it was warm for these 6 - they lucked out!

Emma & Justin both had a blast!

The group!

Run, Justin!

I enjoyed watching Mom's faces!!

Papa Tembo sees Mama Tembo coming for him!

And a few pictures from the last week...somehow I didn't get ANY pictures of the 412 kids at VBS!!!

Some of my favorite "purple shirt" shots!

We enjoyed getting new clothes & potholders from the Rosemont team - so blessed!

And new geoboards for my Math classes!

And Randy, team leader, enjoyed getting his first ticket in Zambia for not wearing his seat belt in the backseat!!

That's a wrap on last week! A few calm days before our next team from Clanton, Alabama arrives on Friday!

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